How to Develop Enterprise Mobile Apps Using Flutter?

1 October 2021

The enterprise mobile app industry is in its growing stage. With growth and development, the mobile app market is now moving to deliver a robust user experience. The flutter app development company starts aiming to deliver a great user experience in the development stage itself. However, there is a great obstruction that comes in the development of enterprise apps. It is the division of iOS and android app development. Some frameworks allow the creation of applications for any single OS platform.

However, Flutter, in such cases, is the only framework that allows cross-platform mobile app development. The enterprises need to target employees from all the platforms. Thus, they need an app development framework that allows multi-platform app development. Multi-platform app development saves time and cost for businesses. Therefore, using Flutter for enterprise mobile app development would be a great choice. Many developers even think that Flutter as a development stage is a solution to all the enterprise mobile app development problems. 

In this column, you will discover how to build an enterprise mobile app using Flutter? However, before knowing the process of developing an app using Flutter, you should know the basic requirements of enterprise app development and the perks of Flutter?

Enterprise mobile app development- the definition

In the introduction, you must have read that the mobile enterprise apps target employees. Now, what does that mean? The Enterprise app development is a development process in which the enterprisers create mobile apps. It is exclusively for the employees of their company. Thus, the target users here are the staffs that work in a firm enterprise. 

Further, the enterprise app development ensures a seamless workflow within the company. The apps help the employees to coordinate with the teams and deliver works faster. Enterprise mobile apps demand many things. It includes an abundance of features and higher security; It demands security because several data gets transferred in the enterprise apps. All these data must get protected. In such cases, high-performance apps like Flutter offer you a robust framework to build secure applications. Besides the security, here are some other features that an enterprise mobile application requires.

Needs of mobile enterprise apps

Every business has distinct operations and products. Thus, it is clear that the expectations and demands from the enterprise apps would also be different. Even the Enterprise app development company or flutter app development services creates distinctive enterprise apps every time they receive an order. But here are some general requirements of enterprise apps.

Layered structural design 

The structural design of the enterprise apps is different from other apps. The design of the enterprise apps demands to have clear divisions. The layered structural design is achievable when:

Extensive teamwork on the code altogether
Employment of well-crafted designs and patterns
Inclusion of easy to use features

Flutter, in such cases, is a great platform that offers you layered structural design. In addition, the framework comes with simplistic and robust networking for web sources, local storage, and many more.

Customization in the development stage 

The next thing that the enterprise mobile app demands are customization in the development stage. Every business, as you know, has different requirements. They expect their enterprise app to be supportive of their business. The businesses would definitely not want the traditional version of the mobile enterprise app or the developer’s version in such a case. In addition, some enterprises demand mobile apps that are compatible with all the OS platforms. 

In such cases, the Flutter is a great framework that enables the enterprise to create customized apps. Moreover, the Flutter allows the scalability of the apps. It is because; the flutter framework bases on the dart environment. This allows the importing of the Dart packages from external sources.

Further, Flutter also employs the android and iOS toolsets to release the app to the play store. 

Interactive UI

The enterprise mobile application also demands to be interactive. This is because; the employees will use it for a smoother workflow. The enterprise applications are also for the communication between teams to coordinate and ensure the precise workflow. In such cases, the UI of the suite should always be feature full and interactive. Animations are the most vital things to include in enterprise mobile app development. The mobile enterprise apps should also have page transitions that keep up the employee interest to use.

There are some other common requirements as well. For example, it includes infinite scrolling in the pages. This eliminates the consumption of a massive amount of device memory. Admittance to Google Maps and Apple Maps is another essential interactive feature that your mobile enterprise app demands. 

Hardware compatible 

Here comes the most crucial requirement of an enterprise app. Your mobile enterprise app would always require compatibility to some of the hardware components of the employees’ mobile. It includes access to use the camera, Biometric identification that includes fingerprint and Face ID, GPS, NFC, and accelerometer. All these device hardware enables the employees to achieve business operations seamlessly. It also ensures the smooth operations of the business process.


As you have already read in the previous portions of the post, security is the basic requirement of enterprise apps. It is that pillar without which the mobile enterprise apps would not stand. Furthermore, every enterprise apps include crucial business information. Thus, it becomes necessary for the enterprises to protect it. 

Therefore, the application should include the authentication of the mobile apps to protect the data. Flutter, as a development stage, offers you well-crafted authentication. There are many authentication providers that you can find in the Flutter: Azure Activity, Amazon, Dropbox, Github, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

24×7 supports 

The enterprise management apps demand support service all the time. When the app crashes or faces any other issues, the business should recover the data and solve the problem to ensure seamless workflow. On the other hand, if the enterprise mobile app does not get support, it may hamper the business workflow. In such cases, Flutter is a development framework that allows the developer to offer all-time support. 

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Flutter- in brief 

Flutter is a recently introduced mobile app development framework that is from Google. This mobile app development kit is for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It supports the OS platform that includes iOS, Android, and Windows. The main feature of this framework is delivering high-end apps that are immersive and ensure seamless workflow in the businesses. Flutter as a development kit employs Dart. For those who don’t know, Dart is Google’s own programming language.

Benefits of using Flutter 

Using Flutter offers you a wide array of perks. Some of them ensure a great response from the target users. In the case of enterprise app development, Flutter is an exceptional development framework. It offers you some of the most indispensable features.

Here are some of them that you should know.

Cross-platform app creation

This is one of the greatest advantages that you get from the Flutter. Unfortunately, there are not many programming language frameworks that allow for cross-platform app development. Either they offer you Android app development or iOS app development. 

However, Flutter is one of those frameworks that allows cross-platform app creation The enterprise app you will create using Flutter will help you target iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. This helps the developers a lot. The developers will have to write the code only once and then run it on several platforms. This also enables the enterprises to maintain consistency throughout distinct platforms. 

Hot reload

This is one of the greatest perks that developers get. This boon saves the cost and time in developing. The developers in Flutter can see the alterations in code hand in hand. The hot reload in the Flutter is a feature that allows for instant bug fixes and correction of errors. It may be a UI error or any other quick fixes; Flutter enables you to eliminate those bugs immediately. With the aid of the hot reloads feature, the designers and the developers can coordinate with each other. 

Shorter code development duration

Flutter, as you know, employs the dart programming language. This is Google’s own language, which is quite similar to the react Native and Skips. These are the coding languages that boost up the code development duration. This enables you to develop enterprise management apps with a snap. 

Constant support

Flutter is a development framework of Google. Thus, there are no second thoughts when it comes to supporting. Google extends its support 24×7. At any time, the developers can get help from the support team. Further, the community of Flutter is also massive. Over 1000 developers are working using the framework. Thus, using Flutter offers you constant support. 

How to build mobile enterprise applications using Flutter?

If you want to develop an enterprise mobile application using Flutter, you need to download the flutter SDK. Here are the prerequisites that you need.


A computer with at least 400 MB of disk storage space
Running window should be Windows 7 or more with 64 BIT
Powershell 5.0
Android Studio
Git for Windows


For the Mac system, the system should have at least 700 MB of disk space
The tools that it should have is git, curl, unzip
Android Studio
Apple’s Xcode 


The Linux systems need 600 MB of disk space
Tools same as the MAC
Android Studio

Steps for Android Studio Installation


The first step is downloading the Flutter SDK as a ZIP file from the Flutter official website.


Extract the zip file and search for the Flutter_console.bat file that comes in the Flutter directory. After spotting the directory, click on the file, now you can use the Flutter commands.


The next process would be downloading the Android Studio. You can download the latest version of Android Studio from the official website.


In the fourth step, you need to install the plugins of Dart as well as Flutter. You have to go to the plugin settings in Android Studio and search for Flutter and Dart and click on install.

Step to start creating  the mobile enterprise app with the help of Flutter

After opening the Flutter SDK, select a file by clicking on the new option under the new project.
The project type that you should choose is Flutter application and click on next.
Write a project name
Click on the finish option and then wait for the Android Studio to install the SDK file and create the project. 

If you find it hard to do it yourself, you can also hire flutter app developers for seamless development. The flutter app developers have all the knowledge that enables them to deliver you the best enterprise management mobile app.


Keeping it precise; is how you can build mobile enterprise apps using Flutter. Now that you know the process and the significance, you should prefer Flutter if you are developing your mobile enterprise application. But, on the other round, if you are a developer, Flutter is a great framework with extensive support that makes development easier. 

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