What Are the Top Software Development Companies in New York?

30 December 2021

According to the latest research by Statista, the United States accounted for more than 34% of the global information and communication technology (ICT) market share in 2021.

Overall, the U.S. has been taking the leading positions in the ICT market for nearly a decade and features the high ICT investments from California, New York, and Texas.

With being one of the world’s largest and most popular megalopolises, NYC has now transformed into a valuable source of tech talents and advanced companies ready to develop industry-specific innovative software solutions.

With this said, it became more challenging to find out which company fits best for a certain project and how to choose a winning option exactly for your business concept.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top IT companies in New York, explore their service range and analyze the most notable hallmarks that can help you to make the right decision specifically for your upcoming project.

The Complete List of Best Software Development Companies in NYC

In this article, you’ll find the core information about the following first-class software development companies in New York:

iTechArt Group
Eastern Peak

As a part of our discussion, below we’ll cover a brief overview of each company’s size, their service range, specific industries they work with, pricing policy details, and more.

#1 Saritasa

The only vendor from the Top Software Companies in NYC that features AR/VR development

Founded in 2005, Saritasa is a full source software, web, mobile app, architect, and IoT solutions provider with a major focus on the midmarket client segment.

The company features deep expertise in delivering software innovations for business services, education, financial, medical, and real estate industries. Their portfolio lists popular clients, including Yamaha, Toyota, Sony, Verizon, ​​VITAS Healthcare, TIPMed, and more.

Saritasa’s Service List Includes

Mobile & web development
AR/VR development
IoT Solutions
Database development

#2 DOOR3

The vendor is included in the List of the Earliest Software Companies in New York City

DOOR3 features a proven experience in software development, technology strategy, and UI/UX design, and the core hallmark of this organization is delivering the on-time and on-budget solutions safely and reliably.

Overall, it is targeted at the financial and legal industries and has been delivering innovations to the world’s famous companies such as Everest, HP, Freedom Mortgage, Stillwell-Hansen, Attune, Clinique, Morgan Stanley, and more.

DOOR3’s Service List Includes

Portal development
CMS development
Operations software
Quality assurance & automated QA
Front-end development
Drupal development

#3 Icreon

One of the leading software companies in New York that is a proud Sitecore Platinum Partner

Icreon is mostly oriented on nonprofits and associations, mid-market companies, and Fortune 500 brands across all industries, including medical, non-profit, retail, consumer products & services, financial, and other fields.

With nearly two decades of experience, it’s now delivering innovative solutions in automating operations and customer experience improvement for various clients all over the world, such as IMG Models, National Geographic Channel, FOX Movies, TOTO USA, Skyworks, and others.

Icreon’s Service List Includes

Software development
Web development
Data engineering
Cloud engineering
Native & Cross Platforms

#4 Intellectoft

One of the few New York software companies offering not only development but also business consultancy services

Intellectsoft is a digital transformation consultancy and software development company focused on the IoT, blockchain, and customer service solutions applicable to a vast number of different industries, such as construction, healthcare, insurance, FinTech, logistics, travel, hospitality, retail, and eCommerce.

Being targeted at Fortune 500 companies, startups, and mid-sized companies, the list of its clients includes Guinness, EY, Jaguar, Eurostar, Harley-Davidson, and Cirrus Insight, which makes it one of the most notable software development companies in New York.

Intellectsoft’s Service List Includes

Product strategy & engineering
UX/UI design
App & web development
QA and testing
Cyber security
Custom software development
Outsourcing software development services

#5 Andersen

A pool of talented tech experts for the in-house team augmentation

Established in 2007, Andersen is now offering over 2700+ developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and other software development professionals for hire. It’s one of the most mature IT companies in New York that features deep expertise in financial services, logistics, and healthcare fields.

Most of the skilled and experienced industry experts have participated in different projects of the world’s largest corporations including Siemens, S&P Global, Ryanair, IHS Markit, TUI, Johnson & Johnson, T-Systems, and many more.

Andersen’s Service List Includes

UX/UI design
Mobile app development
Custom software development
IT staff augmentation
Project management & analysis

#6 Tivix

One of the leading software companies in New York specialized in Agile development of web and mobile applications 

With over a decade of experience in the software market, Tivix is one of the most highly-rated organizations in the New York software companies list. It’s working with different mid-market clients, small businesses, and enterprises across the globe, such as NATO, Apple, Zoetis, SolarCity, Bayer, and others.

The key focus of Tivix is the agile development of web, cloud, and mobile applications, they also help different organizations in launching and sustaining diverse digital innovations within the financial, IT, commerce, and medical fields.

Tivix’s Service List Includes

Custom software development
Web development
Mobile app development
Python and JavaScript programming & scripting
Django frameworks and CMS

#7 iTechArt Group

One of the top-rated software development companies in New York that equips startups with teams of dedicated engineers

The key industry focuses of the iTechArt Group include financial services, medical, education, and gaming fields. Though the major service lines relate to the mobile app and custom software development, unlike the other organizations, it also provides CRM consulting and SI services.

The client portfolio of the iTechArt Group covers large companies like ClassPass, Gain Capital (forex.com), Merkle, Barchart, BuildingLink, and many others.

iTechArt Group’s Service List Includes

Web development
Mobile development
QA & testing
Cloud development
UI/UX design

#8 Zco

One of the advanced software development companies in NYC providing dedicated teams of engineers, artists, designers, and project managers

Zco is known as a trusted software development vendor that has been delivering innovative tech solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies for nearly three decades!

The organization has been equally developing in diverse sectors, such as IT, medical, advertising and marketing, business services, manufacturing, customer products & services, and gaming industries.

Zco’s Service List Includes

Mobile app development
Enterprise software development
Custom software development
Creative services
Multiple complex projects management

#9 DataArt

Refers to the most popular software development companies in New York powered by the people first principle

DataArt is an experienced software development vendor with over 20 years of experience in software and web development, AI and IoT solutions deliverables, as well as eCommerce development technologies.

The company has different industry focuses, including financial, medical, hospitality, retail, eCommerce, and media fields. The majority of clients are concentrated in the midmarket and small business segments, which enables delivering first-class, high-quality solutions to different companies and enterprises. Some of the key clients of DataArt include Apax Partners, METRO Markets, Unilever, Doddle, PSI, and many others.

DataArt’s Service List Includes

Custom software development & technology consulting
Infrastructure & system modernization
Cybersecurity services
Quality assurance
Managed support

#10 Eastern Peak

One of the leading software development companies in New York targeted at AI, AR, Big Data, IoT & Cloud deliverables

Unlike the other companies, Eastern Peak is targeted on two service lines: custom software development and IoT development. This organization has been delivering software solutions for midmarket clients and enterprises, with a high focus on automotive, GPS, navigation & GIS, IT, supply chain, logistics & transport, and education scopes.

The key clients introduced in their portfolio include the following companies: Gett, Western Union, Fly, The European Commission, and lots of others.

Eastern Peak’s Service List Includes

UI/UX and Graphic design solutions
Marketing support
Web and mobile development
R&D and DevOps professionals outsourcing
Software testing

#11 Valtech

Listed in the Top Software Companies in NYC focused on Business Transformation

Valtech digital agency has nearly 30 years of experience in applying UX design, technology development, marketing crafts, and solid improvement strategy to deliver the most efficient yet high-quality software solutions in the shortest time frames.

The key service lines incorporate digital strategy, content marketing, custom software development, marketing strategy web design, and web development. The company’s client focus consists of enterprise and midmarket customers, such as L’Oréal, Lufthansa, Heineken, Audi, Levi’s, American Girl, and more.

Valtech’s Service List Includes

Connected services
Content & campaigns
Data science
Emerging technologies
CX strategy

#12 CI&T

CI&T is among the top software development companies in New York that features end-to-end software deliverables

Being presented in 8 different countries, the CI&T company is primarily focused on providing scalable digital solutions for emerging companies and large fortune 500 companies as well.

As for the time of writing, it features nearly 5,000 experts in diverse software development fields, such as product strategy, design, engineering, UX/UI experts, and more. Along with the custom software and mobile app development, CI&T’s strong points are BI & Big Data consulting, enterprise app modernization, IT staff augmentation, and UX/UI design.

It also covers the basic list of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, supply chain, logistics & transport, medical, retail, and automotive fields. Some of the biggest clients listed on their profile are Google, MetLife, BlackRock, Bank of the West, and lots of others.

CI&T’s Service List Includes

Digital transformation
Product management
Customer experience and design
Legacy optimization and cloud migration
eCommerce integrations

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are different software development organizations to choose from in NYC, with each of those offering its specific features and unique services to its clients.

Having uncovered the top IT companies in New York, you can now clearly understand which of the above can perfectly fit your project and ideally comply with its major requirements and primary business goals.

And, whatever option of this list of software development companies in New York you’ve decided to try, we wish you to set up a fruitful cooperation with the best outcomes!

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