Latest Mobile App Designing Trends to Keep Up within 2022

15 February 2022

Mobile UI design trends keep changing so often that it is hard to stay updated with them sometimes. The world is changing so fast when it comes to technologies and approaches to designs that you need to be very alert to stay updated with it. On average, nearly 70 thousand apps were launched on Playstore monthly with 112.7 in April 2021 being the highest. And this is just on the play store, imagine what that number would sound like when combined with other platforms. 

Due to such demand, the mobile app design trends in 2020 created and followed were amazing and full of potential. Companies can not follow all trends at once but the trends can influence their design in one way or the other. 

However, the scary truth is that mobile apps do fail sometimes. And it is due to the inability to follow and adapt to the technology trends that are being loved in the market. It can also be that a competitor is more technologically adaptable with their design. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the mobile app designing trends that have succeeded in 2020 and the ones to look out for in 2022. All you have to do is look out for the specific features that can turn your app into a trending app.

What is Mobile UI/UX Design?

Let’s start with the meaning, ‘UI’ stands for the user interface of a mobile app. UI is what helps users interact with the mobile app. The UI consists of everything that you see on the app screens such as controls, buttons, and other elements.

The main objective of the UI is to create and provide easy to use, smooth, and effective app which the users enjoy using. The process of creating a UI consists of selecting the right colors, design, and identity.

While UX stands for user experience. Its main objective is to provide the best experience to the users and create value for the business by being a smart and proficient way to create an impact on the users. Making a UX requires an understanding of how the product works and how people would react to the options in front of them. It must be as clear as possible and user-friendly in other terms as well.

Why is UI/UX Important in Mobile Apps?

The best mobile app developers know how important it is to create the perfect design for an app to function properly. Functionality and design should go hand in hand to create a seamlessly functioning app or else it will fail to deliver. It is essential to have the right balance of features and UI/UX to create a successful app. Here are some reasons why it is a must to take design into consideration while making a mobile app. 

Engage Users: When users get on your app, you just a few seconds like in real life to create the best first impression possible. From there, they will decide whether they want to hang around and check out other things or not. So the design has to be compelling and engaging enough to ensure that they don’t leave. If they decide to stay, well you got them hooked. 

Customer Satisfaction and Improved ROI: An impressive app design allows you to present the customers with catchy content and smooth navigation. This makes them satisfied with the services that they find on the application. A satisfied customer will recommend the app to other potential customers which can lead to an increase in ROI. 

Saves Time and Money: When you spend a good amount of money on UI/UX design, it ensures that the customers don’t have any difficulty in using the app. It helps create a flawless app that won’t require updates every now and then to function properly. This will help save time and money. 

Helps get Featured on the App Store: On an app store, the user ratings matter a lot. The number of users who like the app will help the mobile app feature be on top of the list. This will be possible only when you have a great UI/UX. It will directly result in an increase in users as the app will be featured on the top. 

Boost your Brand: The amount invested in UI/UX design is sort of a factor that will show the users how willing you are to satisfy your customers. It will show how your brand is working for their clients and trying to make them happy and content with the services they offer. This will also result in good reviews which will help in making the necessary changes required based on it. 

Top mobile app design trends in 2022

1. In-app Gestures

Gestures are a big part of the experience while using an app. We touch, tap, swipe, and rotate the screen for navigating in the app. These various gestures are available to use but it is necessary to find the right gestures that save time. The best example of it is the double-tap gesture on Instagram images to like them. These gestures become a requirement and a necessity. 

2. Face ID to Unlock

The face unlocks feature was a welcomed change in the way we deal with devices and apps. Passwords were getting annoying as people kept forgetting them. So just a look at the screen of your device to access it was well received. Though it is going to be improved significantly over the years, most people love using it. 

Face ID was launched in 2017 and is now available on almost all Android and iOS devices. Particularly, the app face ID is more advanced compared to the Touch ID or finger-print sensor as people call it. Adding such security features in the design will improve safety and create a smooth process to access the app. It is definitely a trend that is going to stick around and improve with time, so it is best to hop on the train as soon as possible. 

3. Motion Animations

People love watching videos that will explain to them how to perform certain tasks or use an app. The video content business is booming and the proof of it is how Youtube, TikTok, and other platforms have been taken by a storm of creators producing n number of videos on different topics. 

Motion animations are not something that you should ignore. The difference will be visible. It will lead to getting more customers.

4. Conversational Chatbots 

The chatbots market has grown over the past few years and it is going to shatter expectations in the coming years. It is for sure a trend to follow in 2022 without any doubts. 

Chatbots can help improve business processes and communication with clients. They can also help in processing different requests at once and providing solutions for simple issues. 

5. AR in UI Designs

AR is something that has been growing and improving since its release. It only makes sense to use AR in your design with a professional approach. It is not something that small teams would be able to pull off. Hiring a mobile app design company with experts will help use it effectively as implementation is everything.

6. Simple and Content-oriented

Even though new ideas and trends emerge every year, the best from over the years is still taken into consideration. One such trend is the simple and content-oriented experience. It helps get the most out of the simple approach and functionality.

7. Illustrations

It is a great supporting tool that can help with the brand demonstration. To explain something easily, illustrations are the best. It will help convey the message in the easiest way possible. There are various types of illustrations that can be used according to the business. But it is best not to mix or overdo it. 

8. Using Serif Fonts

Using simple and elegant fonts will help users read the text easily and make the design look more attractive. The serif fonts stand out clearly and make it easier for customers to remember the words. Some of the top serif fonts to use are Recoleta, Blacket, Hermann, etc.

9. Unique Colors

A neutral interface does not mean that we need to use neutral colors. The latest trends in UI are using unique colors which would get the attention of people to the important parts of the design. They can help differentiate and stand out from other neutral designs. 

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10. Transparent Design Elements

These elements can help demonstrate the depth of a design. They can also have drive attention to specific elements which make the design more precise and attractive looking.

11. Using the Right Kind of Shapes

At present, developers get to get the shape they want to apply to the interface. Using organic shapes in combination with other approaches will help you get the best elements to provide a seamless experience. Creating a clear design should always be a priority.

12. The Dark Mode

It is probably one of the most loved interface themes there is in the market. Most of the top apps and devices have a dark mode in them. It is the complete opposite of the standard mode where dark text is on a white background. The dark mode has the text in white while the background is dark or black to be more precise. Most of the apps and devices let the customers choose the mode they prefer as it saves battery and some people just love black.

13. Visual Experience Dynamics

Adding dynamics to the interface will enhance the UI of the application. The easiest way to do it is to add animation or videos to it. The smallest of movements can change how the application works. By adding animation, the app features can be focused on which would increase ROI.

14. Voice Commands

Mobile UX trends are not just about visuals or designs. It also includes voice commands and interactions. With Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby around, you can expect people wanting to talk to their phone to search or get something done. But it is important to make sure that you deliver the message precisely and not overload users with excessive information.

15. Eye-catchy Digital Illustrations

The number of designs available to choose from is huge right now. It is important to create something that is different and has never been seen before. That is quite a task with the uncountable number of designs available. But it is where you put in the magic to stand out in a certain way using the brand as the core. Choosing extravagant digital illustrations will help you achieve it and there is no risk involved as you can change it back if it is not satisfactory.

16. No More Passwords

With the technological advancements that are happening, it is not long before passwords won’t be required. Passwords are something that annoys people a lot as they forget them easily. The new technologies will allow people to integrate technologies into the projects themselves. Face ID and fingerprint ID are options that are good, but passwordless access would be just great with safety intact of course.

17. A Buttonless Design

As we discussed the gestured above that are available for Android and iOS, the use of a buttonless design with liquid swipe would be great. There is no need for a visual button for users to understand where they need to click in order to get the outcome they want and the same goes for swiping. 

18. A Design for People with Disabilities

When creating a UI, you need to keep in mind all kinds of users that will interact with the app. People with certain disabilities will also use your apps and it is a trend that should be followed in 2022. By adding ALT texts for images, creating image maps, encoding information in relative text sizes, turning off sound, elements that don’t need precise tapping, you can make it possible for people with disabilities to use the app easily. Even if you don’t use unique colors or voice commands, the design needs to work seamlessly for people with any kind of disability issues. 

Tips to Create Smooth UI/UX for Mobile Apps

Here are some tips that can help improve the UI/UX which will make the app look great and function smoothly. 

Uniformity: Making sure that the design does not vary through the app is important. It is not just limited to the icon and buttons but to the color pattern as well. A consistent design will help make the app more familiar and easier for the user to interact with.

Top-notch loading speed: If you are looking for a thing that the users hate the most is lag. The slightest of lag can make users angry and click the back button to exit. Making sure that the app doesn’t require much loading time is as important as the other factors in UI/UX designing. Users always want to save time and the app loading quickly will make sure that spend that little time on your app or else the bounce rate will increase.

Using conventional elements: Using elements that the users are familiar with can help save time and allow them to use them without any problems. There won’t be any need to explain or guide them through the app. This implies on buttons, icons, symbols, etc. Making them self-explanatory and placing them correctly will increase the chances of users staying.

Interactive approach: Making the app as interactive as possible is the right way to go for a company. When users interact with the app, it creates a bond. It allows them to navigate freely and jump from one page to other easily. 

Simple and understandable design: The design of the app should be such that it provides the most information with the least effort to the user. It needs to be focused on the interest of the users. If the app is cluttered and confuses the users, they won’t stay for long. Simple and straightforward navigation will help customers to easily roam through the app and find what they need.


UI/UX is an important part of the mobile app development process. In order to make a successful app, you need to provide the customers with a great interface and smooth user experience. The best thing to do is to understand the targeted audience and create an interactive and engaging app based on it.

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