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13 April 2022

In this 21st century, the world has developed some amazing technologies which are being adopted in all industries. It is largely due to people using smartphones and mobile applications for their convenience. The education field is no different with digital classes and e-learning platforms growing at the speed of light. In the past couple of years, the unforeseen circumstances that the world faced in the form of covid have made people think about ways to be reachable with each other. This includes the entire schooling and teaching system. The whole field went through great changes with knowledge and guidance being available to students 24/7 anywhere. 

It is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom and has embraced modern technological advancements to empower students. Educational mobile apps are the best offering for students which provide them the opportunity to learn anything from anywhere they are. 

This has turned education into a great business opportunity for numerous entrepreneurs and mobile application developers. There is unbelievable growth in the e-learning market and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. The number of educational app development company is also on the rise. Some of the top companies to look at in terms of growth are Byju’s, Vedantu, Khan Academy, etc.

Why are People Preferring Mobile Educational Apps?

There are numerous benefits of educational apps. It has something special to offer everyone, the teachers, students, and other interested learners. 

Students have welcomed it with open arms as it makes it convenient for them to access apps on their phones. Most of the apps are free and even the paid ones are quite affordable. They are easy to operate and the content is top-notch.

The apps have become a must-have for students as it provides them with ready-made solutions to solving their maths, physics, or chemistry problems.

It is not just useful for students, but teachers and other learners as well. People can just access the chapters and teach using the simplest and best solutions. 

It also allows students to learn in an interactive environment along with other students. The tutors and teachers use it to teach as well as take exams.

Most importantly, it creates a stress-free platform that can be revisited with ease anytime they have doubt instead of searching through hundreds of pages.

Types of Educational Apps

There are numerous types of educational apps in the market. It is necessary to understand the purpose of the app, why, and for whom it was created for it to be successful. These e-learning apps are not just limited to providing knowledge and can be used in numerous ways to help people learn about various topics.

1. Specific Subject Based Apps

It is the go-to idea for upcoming entrepreneurs as students find certain subjects more difficult to understand than others. An app that focuses specifically on teaching a certain subject can provide more information and easier techniques to learn it. It is the reason why students prefer subject-oriented apps more. It can be of any subject like math, physics, chemistry, or even English for that matter. Students can access the app knowing exactly what chapter they want to learn and find the solutions easily. It is very helpful during the revision stages before exams. 

2. Competitive Exam based Apps

Competitive exams are something that students prepare for years to crack with the best results. The preparation material available offline can be hard to obtain or understand but apps created to help learn for specific exams can help them learn and develop better. Apps are being created for various competitive exams such as JEE, AIEEE, CA, IAS, IPS, etc. These apps provide the best material and sample papers to practice for competitive exams. 

3. Interactive Educational Apps

Interactive e-learning apps are created for kids. It is a great way to get them engaged in learning and understanding while making them curious about what is to come. Creating games that are educational, as well as fun, is what children need in the early stages.

4. Professional Online Course Apps

This is a bit different as it is targeted at teaching specific skills which might not be completely students as job-seeking professionals and people considering changing their field consider professional courses. There are live lectures and pre-recorded ones available for students to learn from and you also get to interact with professionals from those fields along with teachers. 

5. Foreign Language Teaching Apps

Many apps are being created for students to learn a foreign language. In this modern age, where no matter how much you learn, it is not going to be enough. Learning a foreign language is a must. It can come in handy when a student is planning to study abroad or looking to work in an MNC someday. Apps are made cautiously keeping in mind that people of all ages use them to learn the language. The basic stages are free and the higher ones are paid for with audio and video teaching available.

6. Educational app for special kids

Creating an app for special kids is a great and noble idea. There are kids who are handicapped, suffering from autism, or have other problems who can use an education app specially built for them to learn as easily as possible. It should be able to communicate with such children and their life. 

7. Tutor App

It is another simple yet effective idea where you can hire a tutor on-demand. Parents select a tutor for their child specifically for the subject. This allows students to get the best tutoring as they would have professional tutors who specialize in their particular subject. Parents can chat with the tutor and decide for themselves whether they want to get their services. 

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How to Develop an Educational Apps

If you are looking to create a mobile application that can be useful to students as well as teachers, you need to have these features to succeed. 

1) Registration and Login

Getting students to register to your platform is the most important step. Show them the free content which would get them to sign up for more. It is the best way to get teachers and students interested and wanting more. This creates a personal space for them to access and store content. Once they log in, they can set up their profile and select the content they would like to learn.

2) Dashboard

This is another feature that can not be avoided at any cost. Most of the students look at the dashboard and decide whether they want to stay longer or not. It contains their personal info and can be customized to provide users with the best experience possible. A developer can add elements that are targeted to the targeted audience. Dashboards can contain info about the materials, tasks, exams, etc. 

3) Best Content Available

Content is the most important thing when it comes to making the app successful. The content needs to be the best in the market which is easy to understand and interactive in a way that people can connect to it. Offering content that is top quality and readable will get the app more traffic and make students/teachers stay. Here are some things which can be included to make the content better.

Focus on specific topics and provide the smoothest solutions for the topic. 
Written, audio, and video explanations for the topics.
Don’t try to use complicated language, simplify as much as possible.
Make sure the content is mobile-friendly and has great UI/UX.

4) A Database of Information

If you are creating an educational app, you need a lot of data and a very strong database to store the necessary information. It needs to be architecturally perfect as it would have study material, profiles, and other relevant data stored in it. You would have to keep updating it regularly as new information and new topics will keep coming up. It needs to function smoothly as students and teachers would access information from there. 

5) Live Sessions with Teachers

Live sessions with the teachers are one of the most popular and necessary features to have. Students can search and learn on their own but they do require some help every now and then. Live sessions with teachers can help solve any doubts that they might have and interactive study is always fun. This is something that should definitely be considered along with the video tutorials. Students can ask questions directly or through chat during live sessions. 

6) Rating and Feedback 

This feature is also important as it helps you get feedback from the users from both sides. Teachers and students can share their comments and rate the app based on their experience. It can help you make better decisions and provide better updates.

7) Search Option

Perhaps the most important feature of the app. The search bar needs to be available for students and teachers to search for their particular subject and access it with just a tap or two. It will help save a lot of time and improve the user experience as well.  

8) Access to Information Offline 

Allowing people to access information offline is another necessary feature to have. Letting students and teachers download the required content in case they want to study it offline is important. 

9) Tests and Practice Sessions

It is not just about providing good content and explaining it. Students need to be given tests to check their knowledge and practice how long it will take for them in an exam to actually get it done. Offering various mock tests and practice papers will help them prepare better. It will help them evaluate their current preparation and what changes they need to make to it. You can also provide video tips about how to prepare for exams and evaluate the results. 

10) Push Notification

It is a great feature to have as far as educational apps are concerned. It offers a variety of important notifications to students relating to changes in course, new material, mock tests, etc. It can also help students stay updated with class timing and lectures to attend. It can also be used to provide relevant information to the tutors. 

11) Social Media Tools

It is one of the most effective features that you need to include. Allowing teachers and students to share the information on other social media apps to help gain traffic and potential customers. It is in the best interest to provide a share button to share the post on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

12) Multiple Languages

Making sure that you provide the educational content in multiple languages is really important. Students can be from any state and might prefer their regional language to understand the topic better. In India, it is best to make the content available in at least 3 languages. This way, more students can get to learn, and eventually, it will help the app grow faster. 

13) Cloud Integration

Making sure that your app provides cloud integration is one of the best tools to have. There might be a group of students who are studying together and need to access the same file. Providing Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud services can help students and tutors link better.

How To Monetize Your Education App?

If you are wondering how you can earn from education app development, it is quite simple and similar to other apps as well. There are three major monetization strategies from which a company can choose.

Freemium: There are a lot of applications that provide free access to users. It is not that they don’t earn, but they choose to earn through a bunch of advertising which pops up every time you change a tab or click on anything. The users are given the option to subscribe to make the content ad-free. Not just ad-free but also providing them offline access and various other options.

Advertisement: It is the most common and effective way to monetize an app whether educational or other. Customers love anything that is free and free knowledge is worth watching ads for a couple of seconds or a minute nowadays. With 2 ads at a time becoming a common tactic, it seems like a good option to earn some profit. 

In-App Purchase: In-app purchase offers users limited access until they subscribe to additional features. In a way, it offers a premium version with all access at a higher price compared to free or regular versions.

Cost of Developing an Educational App

You can not set a specific price range for developing an educational app for learning and teaching as it depends on various factors. Features that are included in the app will result in high or low-cost estimates. It also depends on the OS you choose. For example, iOS, Android, Native, etc. The android app development company India, you choose also has a huge say in setting the price.

There are a lot of roles that need to be filled in before going completely through with the project. You need a business analyst, project manager, Front-end/Back-end developer, UI/UX designer, Flutter, Android or iOS developer, and QA engineer for app testing. 

It is best to outsource it to an education mobile app development company as having an in-house team is a lot of hassle. It takes up a great amount of time, money, and space. 

It also depends on the type of stack you choose. There are a lot of options to select from to create an e-learning application that performs seamlessly. To develop native android apps, it is best to use Kotlin whereas you can use Swift to create iOS native applications. And if you are planning to create a cross-platform app, flutter is the best option for it. 


The education system is taking the right steps forward. It has come a long way to get digitized. The apps are great and suitable for both parties. This helps create a bond that helps provide better service. It has become one of the fastest-growing businesses across the world. 

Developing an e-learning app can seem complex but through this article, we have tried to simplify it. We have explained all the major factors that you should consider, the features include, and how costing will be done for it. Also, the functionality, features, and how you can best monetize it are explained above.

If you are looking to create a seamless educational app, do contact us. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process and provide the best consultation for implementation. To hire mobile app developers, contact us.

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