Why Do Businesses Prefer Flutter for Mobile App Development?

25 April 2022

There are thousands of Flutter apps being launched every month since the launch of version one in 2018. The hype that flutter has can be justified as its sample works consist of Google Assistant, New York Times, etc.

The huge success of such apps has spiked the interest of businesses in flutter app development. It has a lot of benefits that help the business immensely and can help it start seamlessly online. Flutter helps create some of the most high-end mobile apps possible that businesses need nowadays in this competitive market. 

1. What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit that was launched by Google. It helps create UI for applications that can function on Android, iOS, and other web browsers as well. It is a Software Development Kit that helps developers to create cross-platform apps. It is best to hire mobile application development services to create apps for all platforms and devices with a single codebase which is possible through the use of flutter. It is also a great option as it keeps updating to provide better performance and improve its overall architecture. 

Components of Flutter SDK

Flutter is a software development kit and has a complete architecture of numerous components that allow it to function smoothly and lets developers create top-notch UI. Here are some of the most essential components of flutter SDK.

Dart Language

It is the language used by developers to write codes to create an app using flutter. It is a part of SDK architecture and is well backed by flutter. Dart has some great advanced features which can make the app feature-loaded for end users. 

Dart virtual machine uses a Just-in-time execution engine which enables flutter to function seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and others. The engine allows developers to make changes in a running app easily. It has a hot reloading feature that enables developers to make changes in the source file that will automatically reflect in the app which has already been launched. Not just that, these changes can also be reflected in that app without the developers having to do anything else besides it. All the developer needs to do is restart the app and there is no risk of code being lost or misinterpreted. 

Such amazing compilations like just-in-time and ahead-of-time are available for all platforms like Android and iOS. It helps provide efficient and impeccable performance on mobile devices. 

Flutter engine

Flutter uses the Skia Graphics library which is backed by Google. It allows Flutter to offer low-level rendering support to developers. The engine of the SDK is written using C++. The SDK is compatible with various other native SDKs which are designed specifically for Android and iOS platforms. The Flutter engine is also capable of implementing different in-built libraries. 

Some examples of such libraries are network 1/O, plugin architecture, animation and graphics, dart runtime, etc. It offers developers a complete set of layouts, platforms, and widgets. 

Foundation library

Flutter provides various APIs which help in enabling communication with the engine. The Foundation library has primary functions and classes which allow flutter app developers to create highly scalable and user-friendly apps using the SDK.

Design-specific widgets

The architecture of flutter has two groups of widgets and there are norms that make them compatible with different designing languages. The first is material designing widgets that are compatible with the designing language of Google. The other is Cupertino which is compatible with the design language of apple which is iOS. Flutter offers widgets that are design-specific which makes it a cross-platform SDK. It also makes it the best choice among businesses to get their apps created at a reasonable price and quickly.

2. Why does Flutter use Dart Programming Language?

Flutter uses the dart programming language. It is due to the various benefits it offers to the Flutter SDK. Here are some of the top benefits.

High Productivity

One of the top features of flutter is its ability to decrease the usage of external or other resources which makes it quite cost-effective. This also means that it needs a language that can offer great products which would enhance the developers’ potential to create. Dart is a programming language that provides great support to developers while ensuring that there are no compromises. The readability of the framework remains intact along with that of widgets. 


Dart is object-oriented which is a plus point for developers as they have already worked on object-oriented languages. It provides them with a familiar environment to work in while ensuring they don’t opt for non-object-oriented languages. Dart provides the ease that developers look for while creating mobile apps. 

High-end and predictable performance

The most important feature of flutter is that the performance and experience it offers are unmatchable. The end users get a seamless high-end experience while using the app. This is where dart language is required the most. Dart is able to run a huge amount of codes while the animation frames. It is able to provide high performance without any glitches or problems. The developers do not have to worry about facing dropped frames. 

Fast allocation

It is fast and has a function style that is attached to the in-built memory allocator. It means that it manages short-lived allocation really well which very few languages can do. It makes dart a necessary requirement and an asset as it works really well with flutter. 

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3. What are the benefits of Flutter for mobile app development?

There are numerous benefits of flutter which make it perfect for mobile app development. Here are some of the top reasons why we would suggest you choose flutter for your business.

Owns an engine

Flutter is not dependent on any of the browsers or platform specific-widgets. It owns an engine that is well-established and helps in creating high-performance widgets for any platform. This is what makes it independent from technology and not restricted to any specific platform. 

Code reusability

Flutter does not require developers to create UI components that are platform-specific. It means that it has an exceptional rendering process that allows the developers to reuse the same codes for different platforms. This makes it by far the best option to create apps for all platforms as it can use a single code for creating different platform apps. 

Fast development

The option to reuse code, allows developers to speed up the development process. And faster development is huge-benefit when you are planning to create a cross-platform app. The hot reload feature of the flutter makes it unbelievably easy for developers to change and apply changes in the final product. The whole process seems smooth as there are numerous developer support features in a flutter. 

Provide native app like performance

By now we know that flutter is the best cross-platform UI development kit and why people are so into choosing flutter and promoting it in the software development world. The SDK it offers is independent and does not require code interpreters. Unlike other frameworks, it is not dependent on third-party-code representations. This means that you won’t face any performance issues or glitches. The performance is at par with native apps and better in some cases as well. 


You can create highly customized apps with flutter as it is able to create customized apps and lets us change everything that appears on the screen depending on your requirements. When you hire Flutter developers for creating your mobile application, make sure to discuss all the requirements and describe your needs specifically. It won’t be much of a hassle for the developers as they can customize the UI easily due to the high capabilities of flutter SDK.


Due to the faster development process and open-source nature of flutter SDK, it is really budget-friendly. The longer you have to keep developers hired, the more it will cost you. The speed at which flutter helps apps get built can reduce the development cost immensely. The overall development cost of flutter is relatively low compared to other frameworks as it needs more time to develop. 

The cost of a mobile app is directly connected to the time required to create and launch it. This is why flutter has become the go-to choice for businesses of all scales and even startups. 

4. Why is Flutter an Ideal Choice for businesses?

Cross-platform applications have numerous benefits, the main one being targeting a larger section of the audience across different platforms. There are people who prefer certain browsers and devices over others and being able to reach them all is necessary for a business to succeed. The only problem that can occur here is the performance change on different platforms due to its native nature.

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that manages to remove that problem completely. It helps create a highly modern UI that end users would appreciate. It has the ability to deliver futuristic apps with seamless performance that would make your money’s worth. 

Being mobile application development service providers, we would recommend flutter for startups and scaleups as well. Enterprises that are looking to get fast development, top-notch performance, and unmatched user experience should definitely opt for flutter. 

5. Why Flutter is an Ideal Choice for a Startup App 

If you are a startup company that wants to create a name for itself in a quick time, your mobile app should be capable of going head to head with some of the top brands. It means that your app needs to be feature-rich and capable of attracting users just by a glance at it. Flutter is the perfect option to create such apps which can help small businesses grow faster and smoother. It is ready to deliver as it is equipped with great features that ease usability, coding, and compatibility throughout different platforms.

Still, wondering how Flutter App can be a Good Fit for your startup? 

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose flutter and cross-platform app development for your startup. 

It serves your purpose for free.
It is really easy to learn and work with. 
It is highly customizable and quick at the same time. 
It is compatible with numerous platforms whether it’s Android, iOS, or any other.
It is relatively fast and saves a lot of time. 
It has a great support forum for clearing doubts and problems.
It is a hybrid platform that provides a wider reach than other applications.
It does not take a lot of time to develop it which means you also save time in testing the application on different platforms.
It is highly efficient and reliable which ensures there will be updates and your app is future-proof.
It offers great productivity, and performance, and is easy to maintain.

In other words, flutter is the perfect choice for mobile app development as you can save the 2 most important things in business with it. Time and Money. 


Flutter is one of the best SDKs at present and it is still developing. It keeps evolving as the framework is still fresh and new. When you are considering creating a startup app with flutter, you need to consider both pros and cons according to your requirements. Making sure that the pros outweigh the cons is really important as there are minor setbacks of flutter which will get sorted as it develops. 

Flutter is going to expand further and you need to be ready to switch or start with it. The app’s growth and the benefits it offers are unmatched. Startups and enterprises who want to run an app on cross-platform architecture should shift to flutter for their mobile app needs as soon as possible. 

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