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2 May 2022

Mobile apps in recent times have become a significant part of human life. It is one of those daily essentials without which imagining life is quite monotonous. Mobile apps have undoubtedly presented convenience in completing any task. Whether it is cab booking or online food ordering, on-demand app development has eliminated the gap between consumers and businesses. 

The recent generation is more indulged in competitive work life. They hardly get any time for even a proper 8-hour sleep at night. In such cases, these apps are like a cherry on the top. It fulfills the demands of consumers and creates a better brand image amongst the consumers. Mobile app developers create on-demand apps that can even fulfill the purpose of purchasing a gift for an occasion. Moreover, such apps are like magical solutions. You just click your mobile-shaped wands to get products delivered to your doors.

Further, on-demand apps are not only beneficial for users, but instead, it also revolutionizes the app industry. The increasing demand for these mobile apps is pushing both developers and businesses to create apps that are unique. Developers are even integrating various services to make those apps trend over app downloading platforms. As per the research, more than 42% of America’s population uses on-demand apps. 

Besides, about 22.4 million global users spend more than 57.6 million to accomplish the on-demand services. This quite depicts the size of this industry. With such a big industry size, 7.6 million companies will operate as on-demand app providers to the industries. This will create job opportunities and offer a better ROI to the app creators. If you are a business looking to invest in on-demand apps, this is the right time to hit! Read the full column to start venturing into these apps.

#1 What are On-demand Applications? – Knowing them Closely!

In simple terms, apps that fulfill the anticipated demands of users by providing them ease in accessing services are known as on-demand applications. These apps can be developed by any business or a Tech development company. It acts as a bridge between the end-users and the service providers to accommodate several types of services. 

Some of the best-known examples of on-demand apps are Uber for cab booking, Airbnb for hotel booking, and Grab Hub for food delivery. Several other apps offer great services to users. You can even find nutritionists guiding you for healthy meals and shaping up your health. 

The on-demand mobile app development is not limited to any specific industry. You can find them deployed in almost all industries. It includes housing, online marketing, transportation, food delivery, etc. Now that you know the exact definition of these apps, explore how on-demand apps have revamped the mobile app industry? 

#2 The Role of On-demand Services in Restructuring the Mobile App Industry

The upsurging use of on-demand mobile apps has forced businesses to endow more capital in creating such apps. Businesses are harnessing the knowledge and expertise of mobile app development services to create apps that are high in demand. An abundance of capital is already at stake for designing and developing demand-based apps.

This is quite changing the market scenario in the mobile app development industry. If you wish to discover what role these apps play, here are some pointers that will help you to know the role of on-demand apps in shaping the industry.

With on-demand app development, the industry is focusing on efficient developers

The increasing use of mobile apps has increased the demand for app development companies and leveraged the demand for efficient mobile app developers. With a competitive environment to excel amongst contemporaries, businesses focus on unique solutions that can help them stand out in the market. Businesses invest in development agencies that offer them quality development and efficient developers. 

The on-demand mobile app creation also involves creating apps for different platforms like android, iOS, or cross-platform apps. In such cases, companies invest in efficient developers who can bring them unique apps from scratch. The figures and anticipation of the US bureau of employment statistics also state that the demand for developers will rise from 17 to 22%.

On-demand mobile app development enables the Mobile app industry to empower startups

Several startups brought their unique service offerings and soon became established brands; even simple ideas have been conveyed powerfully using on-demand app development. However, mobile app development agencies play a creative role in shaping the future of startups. They have empowered several startups to achieve a stronghold in the market by giving shape to their vision and creating on-demand apps that set the bar high. 

The mobile app industry has delivered some greatest of all time on-demand services. You can always include the Uber cab booking app and Airbnb app, to name a few; these apps have brought benefits to both the mobile app industry and startups.

Integration of advanced features

When mankind brings an innovation, people start researching about it to attain a similar innovation. In such cases, On-demand apps are known for bringing revolutionizing new features to the market. These features change the way of accessing any services. These new features introduced to the market bring competition amongst the mobile app development company, offering quality development to users. 

Users, on the other hand, are also intelligent and smart. They prefer using on-demand apps that keep bringing them new features. After the development of WhatsApp, you may have witnessed the development of a wide range of such apps. But many have vanished, as they don’t feed users with the latest features. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp has shown consistency in adding new features to the application. Its latest payment integration/UPI addition has made it more convenient. Integration of such features enhances the skill of the mobile app industry and makes the industry competent to bring such new features.

On-demand services have emerged as a new market

In the recent age, you can witness the evolution of new markets every second. You can find a diverse range of industries in the domain today. However, all such new and old marketplaces are working for one motive only. The motive is not innovating advanced tech; rather, it creates a solution to consumers’ hassles. On-demand services define a unique approach to offering solutions with technology integration. This has given rise to a whole new market. This market is full of visions that aim to cater to users’ demands.

Now that you are aware of the significance of on-demand apps in shaping the mobile app industry, you must know some of the most indispensable on-demand apps that have played an impeccable role in revolutionizing.

#3 Types of on-demand apps that have gained the limelight

In today’s time, apps don’t only come restricted to any particular domain. Rather, it is widespread in all these sectors. Whether it is about lifestyle, health, fitness, pets, food, or travel, you can find wide use of these apps in all these fields. Below are some on-demand apps from different industries.

Dog walking solution

No matter how busy you stay in your work life, you always owe a responsibility towards your pet. You also need to fulfill your pet’s demands. These demands include timely feeding them, taking them for a walk, and several other things. In such cases, a dog walking solution comes as a handy solution for several. You can find dog walking services as a demand-based service where pet caretakers visit your home and make your dog comfortable. They also take your dogs for a walk when the owner is away. 

What key features make dog walking solutions popular?

Many innovative features have made this on-demand app reliable among users. Some of them are:

Live location tracking of the dog while they are on a walk
Instant alert about activities such as drinking water, pee, foods, poops, and breaks
Image access of dog walking
A detailed description of caretakers
Instant support
Alert sending while starting and stopping services
Rating and review addition to improving service
Payment integration

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Food delivery solutions

Food delivery apps have gained immense popularity lately. In a busy life, most people find it monotonous to cook. So, they prefer eating meals from restaurants. However, traveling to restaurants in traffic is not possible every day, especially after an exhausting day. Food delivery solutions are an answer to such hassles. With food delivery apps, users can order food in their comfort. 

Key features of the food delivery app

Recommends restaurants and cuisines based on locations
Shows the best food based on age, taste, and order history 
Use of AI to cater to food that is a favorite for users
Simple navigation with a seamless UI
Quick ordering process
Easy cancellation
Tracking time and location of delivery agent
Details about the delivery agent
Multiple payment modes along with UPI integration
Offers and discounts to cut down cost
Browsing top restaurants and their menus
Reviews and rating

Taxi Booking App

Along with ease in ordering food, people nowadays can also find ease in traveling to destinations. The customary booking method can consume time and effort to visit the taxi station and make a booking. However, demand-based taxi booking apps like Uber have reduced all such hassles. Users can now book cabs in seconds and on their comfortable couch. Users can simply enter their location and find a cab at their doorsteps within minutes.

Besides, users also prefer to choose a fleet of their own choice at an affordable price. Some integral features such as quick ride acceptance by the nearest present driver and GPS and location tracking make it more preferable. Communication with drivers and the support team is also easy, leveraging trust amongst users. 

Features of taxi booking apps that make them popular

Features in the User-based App

Detailed location tracking of the cab; anyone can track location 
Easy registration with social media, mail, and phone number
Built-in wallet along with different payment mode integration
Ride fare estimate
Push alerts about the ride
Ride details and history 
Rating and feedbacks

Features of the Driver-based App

Profile creation for driver
Route optimization that offers the best route with less traffic for drivers
Cancellation of request when necessary
Push alert about new incoming ride request

Features in Admin panel

Complete insights about the rides and driver’s app
Sub-admin making features
Access and regulating rights of profiles
Easy management of payment accounts

Household Service

You can find a wide range of household activities fulfilled by the on-demand Mobile application development services. It includes cleaning homes, maid services, repairing household electronics, car washing at the house, laundry services, and many more.

Plumbing and handyman services are also a major type of on-demand app that accommodates the needs of several households. You can specify your request and get services at your doorsteps using these apps. 

What features of the household services app make it popular?

Search for services using filters
Browse professionals based on experience
Schedule and reschedule the exact date and time for services and mechanic visit
Alerts about service acceptance and appointment
Secure and wide payment options
Quick sign up using social media and email
Intuitive UI and UX
Details and estimation of cost
Alert about acceptance and rejection of the request
Live location tracking of professionals


The on-demand mobile app is undoubtedly changing the dynamics of the mobile app domain. The above-given examples say how significant on-demand services are and what impact it creates on the mobile app domain.

Now that you know all the perks and significance, you can leverage your business by integrating an on-demand mobile app for your users. However, you should always choose professionals and skilled developers to create these apps.

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